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Geotree Strategies. 

Assess, discover and grow your project with Geotree

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What We Do

Geotree provides strategic data services to sustainably develop early to advanced stage exploration projects. Our services provide value to management, employees, and communities, while protecting the environment, reducing costs and minimizing exploration risk.

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Geotree Services

Strategic Planning Session

Expert Guidance

Get started with a 1 page proposal that will outline a plan with objectives, timeline and deliverables. We provide custom project assistance to assess and grow your value! Our expertise focuses on:

- mineral exploration projects

- working with communities

- sustainability strategies

When we work with others, we respectfully uphold and share the foundational tenets of Aboriginal worldviews:

1. Work for the Common Good

2. Respect all Living Things

3. Preservation of Harmony and Balance

4. Plan and Prepare for the Future

Geoscience Education

Achieve Your Goals

Do you need help using software or optimizing Geoscience workflows? Require support in order to effectively inform your stakeholders about your technical information? Are you considering creating technical content for social media and websites? 

Strategic Data Analysis

Create Momentum

Can we provide assistance in looking over your project data and establishing a technical data audit? Are you evaluating resource potential in a specific area? We can compile historic and modern project data into a database (and spreadsheets if required) for you to be able to take the next step with your project. We can also help you with achieving your goals and establishing workflows and check-ins! We can assist you with managing data, achieving goals to keep the motivation going to get you to the next level of exploratory data analysis!

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About Our Business

Solutions for Success

Geotree Strategies offers geological, data visualization and sustainability services for resource projects.  Evaluating a project? Creating and communicating geospatial visualizations to market your project? Working with communities to create an equitable & sustainable strategy for your organization? Want to reduce your project's carbon footprint?

We can help! Book a meet and greet with us and let's get started! 

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